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Artists and makers from Lewes and the surrounding area have generously contributed work to raise funds for our schools. We are HUGELY grateful to them. All of our artists are listed below.

You now have the chance to buy this wonderful artwork. Go to the Secret Art Auction to browse the collection and bid as much as you would like to pay for them. All work is unnamed so that you buy the art that you love…. Can you work out which piece is produced by which artist?

There are some pieces interspersed within the auction that are produced by young artists at Priory and Wallands schools. 

All bidding closes at 10pm on Sunday 23rd June when the names of the artists will be attributed to each piece. Be sure to note the time that your preferred piece ends as we have staggered the times!

Not only will you end up with some wonderful work to adorn your walls (or even you ears!) but you can buy in the knowledge that your money is really helping the two biggest community schools in Lewes. Come and see the work in person on the 21st 5-9pm and 22nd June 9.30-3.30pm at Lewes House if you can't decide which piece to bid on. There will be additional works there to view and buy by the artists, additional artists and the children at the schools. 

Artists in this auction: 

Giles Pilbrow, Julia Maynard, Peter Messer, Julian Warrender, Suzanne Hennegrave, Elizabeth Jardine, Vicky Mappin, Martin Gayford, Haydon Cottam, Emma Carlow, Geraldine Fory, Corina Fletcher, Anna Sherburn, Jane Wateridge,  Sarah Ffitch-Heyes, Andrea Eserin, Phil Washington, Jo Lamb, Marco Crivello, Holly Long, Paul Lucas, Grace Dunford, Katie West, Mark Burgess, Georgia Flowers,  Ben Aquilina, Sandrine Case, Janice Thurston, Lyndsey Smith, Nicole Griffin, Kate Wheeler, Chloe King, Joanna Neary, Candida Lloyd, Emily Stevens, Maia Eden, Rick Curthoys, Fiona Richardson, Helena Pickup, Cath Boon, Una Curthoys, Daria Art, Alice Mara, Claire Underwood, Natasha Caughey, Peter Chasseaud, May Everett, Andrew Fitchett, Caroline Chalton Hellyer, Jenny Arran, Eva Marschan-Hayes, Lizzie Hillier, Hasia Curtis, Nick Bodimeade, Alinah Azadeh, Bec Garland, Malcolm Trollope Davis, Peter Bushell, Gloria Baker, Mark Hooley, Harper Day Pope, Teresa Morgan-Gane, Jim Sanders, Sophie Larson, Sarah Weal, Mick Hawksworth, George, Mary Fellows, The Silvery, Dilraj Mann, Gregor Beedie, David Hawley, Torz Dallison, Matt Carr, Carlotta Luke, Julian Bell, Topsy Jewell, Beth Wade, Abi Norris, Tom Walker, Alexis Dove, Galia Pike, Peter Kettle, Helen Fines, Amelia West, Peter James Field, Samantha Stas, Sarah King, Karen Robinson, Riga Forbes, Rebecca Magner, Keith Pettit, Patricia Bowditch, Rob West, Olive Carr, Jeremy Long, Catherine Benson, Annie Slack, Oriana Evans, Stuart West, Corinna Rumble, Julie Mortimer, Leigh Hodgkinson, Rachel Clark, Georgia Flowers, Fi Griffin.

Changes in the way in which the government allocates funding have resulted in Priory School facing increasing budget uncertainties and lower levels of funding per-pupil. For this reason, Friends of Priory and Headmaster Tony Smith invite you to consider helping to support the school by making a regular donation. Over the past five and a half years, we have raised an amazing £46,901.25 from monthly contributions to the school.

If we were to receive £2.50 a week (£10 per month) from each household we would raise £96,000 a year. These are large sums of money. Please help us make them real. Find out more about why your school needs you here.

Make a committment and complete a direct debit instruction or donate online